Artificial intelligence alongside autistic baby footballers: Zambrotta’s project

The intent is to overcome the idea of ​​diversity as a barrier. The “blues” will have machine learning to train

Artificial intelligence alongside autistic children and young people. This is the new innovative project set up by Gianluca Zambrotta, former full-back for Juventus, Milan and the Italian national team, world champion in 2006. On 15 September, at the Eracle Sports Center in Casnate con Bernate, in the province of Como, the third season of the “Azzurrini Academy” will begin.


The project involves introducing children with cognitive disabilities to football and physical activity. All thanks to the inclusion of artificial intelligence. The objective is to overcome the idea of ​​diversity understood as a barrier. It aims to contribute to improving the psychophysical conditions of young people by strengthening their awareness, self-esteem and health conditions, not to mention the construction of a group identity. New technologies, therefore, can provide an engaging and personalized training experience, capable of satisfying the needs of each individual participant.


Specifically, the new technologies include some mind robots, used to develop and strengthen the computational sphere, then 3D videos and drone shots, to simplify the schemes proposed by the coach, and finally augmented reality to teach how to recognize and manage emotions. before they take over. “I decided to support and promote this project because it is an excellence of social and sporting inclusion in our territory – says Zambrotta, honorary president – above all because in my career I have learned that the valorization of diversity is the greatest team resource” . Vincenzo Saladino, head of the technical area, commented as follows: “On the pitch we don’t focus on the kids’ shortcomings, but on their potential. During each training session, thanks to their passion, we discover the beauty of transforming functional limits into areas of improvement and growth”. Samuele Robbioni, on the other hand, head of the Psychopedagogical Area of ​​Como and supervisor of the Azzurrini Academy, leveraged the children’s desire to grow: “Their diagnosis is not important. By accompanying the kids in sport we also welcome their families, often too much sun but here you are encouraged to rediscover the beauty of seeing your children with a new gaze. It is a project of excellence, but above all it is one of those beautiful stories, like our lake, which is worth sharing and telling”.



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