Scope of Virtual Reality to Autism Intervention


With increased computing power, modern-day gadgets come with built-in rich graphics that can employ Virtual Reality (VR) to project realistic scenarios to the user. There had been a wide array of VR-based applications ranging from entertainment to intervention, education, rehabilitation, healthcare, etc. Specifically, VR-based applications are no more limited only in the area of expensive toys. Its applicability has transitioned to design of academic modules for education, serious games targeted towards intervention, game engines that can offer varying degrees of challenge to individuals with motor disorders, etc. Since the focus of this book is related to different aspects of autism, in this chapter, I will present VR-based applications targeted towards autism intervention. This chapter also offers a glimpse into the different types of VR-based platforms such as VR presented on a 2D monitor, Augment (Virtual) Reality and Mixed (Virtual) Reality used for training individuals with autism along with their merits and demerits.


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